Hands down our favorite restaurant in Lansing. This was our first hot pot experience place. We have since tried several and we always come back to Royal Pot.Tessa Johnson

Tessa Johnson

Bangin' hot pot. I got the spicy broth and it was hot but pretty tolerable. Meat was fresh and the dipping sauce bar is a nice touch.

Dave S

Love this place. Hard to find hot pot nearby at this year.

Ye Ding

My first experience with a hot pot restaurant. Really enjoyed it!

Faiz Aslam

This place was so amazing! Food and service was exceptional. Loved all the options and the staff were helpful and attentive. A very clean restaurant. Delightful atmosphere. Would come again.

Rebecca Smith

My first experience with a "hot pot" restaurant and I really enjoyed it. The restaurant is new and clean, staff is bilingual and helpful, and food was really good. I have to recommend the orange juice...nothing but real oranges!

All food is ordered on a tablet, and everything is brought to your table within minutes. It's quite the experience to cook all the food yourself. Some items take seconds, others take minutes.

I'd absolutely go back!

Anthony Lemke

Authentic Chinese food! Love it!

Ruyi Qian

I love it so much that I miss the Chinese style hot pot so much and it is so great I went there many times and I love the food there!!!

Chikyi Lau

Best hot pot ever!

Beth Bradshaw

Love the food